Friday, October 16, 2009


My bossing(s) at the Lying-in
talked to me recently
they wanted me and
a co-volunteer to handle
some students affiliating with us.

I'll end up as a c.i., i guess,
on the other hand, as a thinking person,
I know why they want to accept it.
i have graduate studies units.
i'll be paid a little higher.

I wont be handling the students
alone, our salaries will be divided
among the staff since i am not on
for 24/7 so they will be handling
the class as well.

Nung narinig ng ROD namin na ganun
she asked if her pet nurse could
be enlisted too; I was thinking...

Bitch! I deserve this one cause
Ive been slaving away for almost 2 years
for measly handouts and you want your 'pet'
to be included e swelduhan na nga siya
kahit mas nauna ako sa kanya??!! TAE!

But of course being the mabait
plastic person that i am, i kept silent.

Mama told me na minsan
you have to communicate your
rights and stand by it.

Aba e, kung isasama pa
sa amin siya, unfair na yun.
She does not deserve it.
Academically qualified kami; cum laude nila
yung kasama ko, at hindi din
tae ang resume ko - tae ng royalty yung akin!

Kaya nga inorchestrate yung
pag-affiliate sa amin dahil di kami swelduhan.
Yun na lang yung ma-ooffer sa amin,
since hindi kami mabibigyan ng item kahit
gusto nila na gawin kaming staff.

Inokray pa niya sulat ko,
nagbiro na lang ako ng sulat kalahid
ng retarded na manok yung penmanship ko.

Pero nasa isip ko, ganyan kapangit sulat ko
dahil pwede akong magduktor at
tatalbugan kita mwahahahahahaha!

Sigh! Sana magpush through!

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