Friday, November 20, 2009


I think I hate being a teacher/

Wala akong tiyaga,
I get bored with my students
especially if their output
is so mediocre.

Or is it me?
Don't i inspire them enough to study
or is it because they wake up at 3am
just so they could log in at 6:45am.

Its just a review,
what I am tackling have been
exhaustively lectured at their school

I would understand, kung nararattle
sila sa actual delivery or cordcare
pero yung bang simple things like
spelling and grammar in questions.
Medyo hirap sila.

Its a spoon-fed generation,
nothing is researched or
analyzed in its proper
form; its all cut and paste.

And instead of analyzing
they are just summarizing
their research articles.

Bored to death with them
as they are with me.

What am i to do?

Must think of ways to inspire them
kaso our time is very limited
and hectic and highly dependent on
the patients.

I dont think they would appreciate
my weirdness in presentation.
When i was a student, i always used
visual aids; my point being -
that if you remember the emotion attached with
the drawing chances are you might be able to
retain the lesson associated with the emotion.

Simply put...
If I show a video of a narcoleptic dog
running and sleeping, you'll find it funny
and remember narcolepsy as well.

Kaso mukhang di effective sa kanila.
I think all they want is to eat and sleep.

Hay buhay...

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