Tuesday, January 26, 2010


we were trying to
do some spring cleaning
and i stumbled on a
heap of dusty papers.

my contract with my former
call center employer plus a
load of other garbage.

as i teared through the rubbish,
i read some of my old notes.
effing bollocks!
this old brain of mine has
sparks of lucidity and brilliance
of the alien kind.
but of course, only i could understand
what my kalahid-ng-nagtataeng-manok
handwiritng actually meant.

nonetheless, im going to post it
here so in the far future i could
have a good laugh at my own expense.

Senselessness at its best.


The world is overpopulated by assholes.
I am an asshole.
I can't do anything about it as eliminating them
means eliminating myself.
When an asshole dies another one just takes its place.


The study of the human psyche,
deprived of the formality of scientific research
and its methodologies is said to be a laymans attempt
to educate himself.
But on the contrary, being (insert illegible word here)
from the shackles of rigid structure, hierarchical process
and the ravaging faculty of critics,
one is free
to explore,
to observe,
to study,
to mingle,
to participate,
to be one with your population;
to study yourself -- a test subject (insert illegible word here).
This is its downfall,
without the imposing process of the scientific methodology,
one's study is virtually a sponge of opinions,
half-baked ideas, misconclusions and other concepts
produced by the wit of an uneducated individual.
If this is the case where then did the
'original ideas' of our forefathers come from?

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