Tuesday, January 26, 2010


ive been out,
like months...
the birth of 2010.

where was i?
i was in UK with my mom
spending some much needed time-out
and bonding plus pigging out sessions

in a months time - November,
after frantically setting up my
visa application, completing my requirements,
scrounging money, scheduling work etc.
i was off... (December 6)
free from pestering relatives and pseudo-friends
and plastic-faced orocanites/workmates.

i was truly, truly happy with mama.

sadly the snowy weather halted suddenly.
my 4 week vacation plus 1 week of stranded bliss
abruptly ended.

i want to be stranded with mom forever.
not because i was in the glorious UK
but because i was with my mama.

come departure day,
i cried the minute i checked-in
till my mom saw me off.

i was crying till we boarded,
on the plane, even as i lugged
my bags around when i arrived
at old NAIA.

i hate being here.

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