Sunday, February 21, 2010

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Jacque: hi bk how may i help you today?
bk: we've been trying to load our prepaid sims here in cavite for around 3 days now to no avail what gives?
Jacque: my apology ma'am
Jacque: but before we proceed may i have your handy phone no.?
bk: ***********
Jacque: thank you for the information
bk: all the autoload retailers decline to load our accounts saying something is wrong with loading system.
Jacque: We are aware of the situation and steps are now being taken to restore the service the soonest possible time. Meantime, other reloading channels like G-cash to load, call card and share a load are available. Thank you for understanding.
bk: i just hope that globe has a good reason for keeping this news blackout on their customers
bk: is there a time period? i mean how many days do we have to wait till globe resolves the issue?
Jacque: the soonest possible time ma'am
bk: can we load our accounts through our debit cards? say bdo?
Jacque: yes ma'am
bk: through atm machines?
Jacque: yes ma'am
bk: okay then. hope globe resolves this asap, its not nice especially when one needs it especially in emergencies. thanks
Jacque: ok ma'am is there anything else that i can help you with?
bk: none. thanks jacque.
Jacque: Thank you for using Globe's Chat Assist. I'm pleased to serve you anytime!

Note: This Conversation is recorded and
logged in transcript form.

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