Sunday, February 21, 2010


I attended a seminar the other day,
twas top billed by an American lady
who had so many accolades all i can remember
was that she was the past president of
the ANA and CGFNS.

one thing stuck to my mind though,
she compared generations of nurses
and people per se.

As part of generation X and Y,
we were stuck with the
notion that once we leave work,
everything related to that is left there,
never to be brought back home.

Unlike her generation, we are more laid back and
concerned with what happens after
because frankly most of us do not
enjoy working (or the place we work)
at all.

Her generation she explained could not
separate work and home even if they
wanted to since they had to work long
hours and somehow they managed to
bring back some of the stress and work
itself at home.

This got me thinking,
i love my work, i love nursing.
Yes, i do complain A LOT and absent myself
A LOT (because i am not fiscally compensated A LOT)
but i do think about it when i go home.

A friend once told me, that whenever she gets home,
she gets this itchy compulsion to call
just so to make sure that everything was endorsed
right and nothing was forgotten.

I get that too but not often,
i am the type who would rather do things myself
than ask others to do it even when i already have
a foot's length of tasks to do because
i want things done my way and not in a sloppy manner.

i guess, i dont allow mistakes to enter
my sphere of action and thinking and end up
all disappointed and mad at myself when shit happens.

in a way, i also dont allow others to learn
for fear they will bungle up the task
or do it in a manner i personally dont accept.
kinda selfish dont ya think?

anyway, going back to what
the lady said, i think she has a point there.

while some of us just cant severe the ties between
work and home, some just dont care.
some would rather be somewhere else,
those people should be left in the middle of
a desert to rot and die.

i forgot to mention that yes,
i got lost on my way to the seminar
and thanks to my friend and
her hubby i managed to locate the place
because they personally escorted me right
up to the entrance!

thanks guys!
thanks for putting up with my tears.

i really hate travelling locally,
because you cant trust anybody anymore,
as much as i want to, with my predicament,
i have to side with caution.

and because i trusted this jeepney driver
who apparently was more interested in flirting
with his passengers and behaving hazardly
(i think he was high on drugs)
it brought me nowhere,
he even managed to ask for more money (fare)
even if did get me lost
and stranded far away from where
i was supposed to be.

Thanks a lot manong!
By now, i hope all your wheels are punctured
dahil gahaman ka at nag-a-addict ka pa.

its people like you who give the country a bad name.

shame on you!

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