Sunday, February 28, 2010

i hate you

so many things tick me off lately,

  • work pressure

("when are we going to get our salary
from that school doing their completion"
asks one of them)
they nag me all the time,
its not like they have to supervise
the students or anything,
i make the exams and lectures.
they only see them for brief periods.

sheesh money drives people nuts.

  • a-hole workmates

those who pretend they are
actually doing anything
but in actuality are just standing around
looking dumb and pretending to be deaf.

oh wait, they are actually dumb.

  • more a-hole workmates

those who pretend they know
everything and consistently get
everything wrong as well, plus
they behave like mimics.
once you are done with something
they do the same procedure again
(they do it to impress the higher ups
to no avail)

you will have your day soon,
mimicry will get you nowhere.

  • dumbfucks who stare

pinoys are so guilty of this,
stop staring, its not polite.
would you like me to stare
at your ugly face for eternity?
you do not want anybody nosing around
your particulars right?
learn proxemics.

burn in hell you impolite dumbfucks!

  • people who get cosy and touchy-touchy

again, stop feeling up people,
i for one do not want to be touched.
i hate you maniacs for trying
and for all other idiots who feel
like they are closer to me than my mom is.

i wish your hands gangrene!

  • people who bring rascal kids to the mall.

leave the pests at home,
nobody want to see a drama unfolding when
they are trying to shop.
if you can't discipline your kids leave them at home,
don't spoil everybody else's day just because
your kid does a mega tantrum.
also, stop believing that all babies and kids
are cute, they are not, some are dressed like
little whores served to pedos, some are just
plain fucking ugly.

some of us want to enjoy our weekend breaks in
'relative' peace, avoid making a scene and teach your
kids to be well-behaved and just because its your spawn
it doesnt mean that they are cute,
ive seen dog turds cuter than some of these kids.

  • i hate everyone

because i am in a foul mood,
i am surrounded by idiots - incompetent and inept
i hate you all.

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