Monday, February 1, 2010


Went to PNA earlier
to renew my expired ID.

Another cartolina rectangle
to add to my growing shrine
of expired cards.

P400 and I am not
getting my moneys worth.

Saddened that in lieu of
a neon (insert color here)
I got a plain white thick card
with the PNA green logo.

At least now we have
green and black ink!

But really how much does
a plastic machine-produced
card cost when its virtually
available everywhere?!

How many nurses do we have
PNA?! Loads I tell you!
Overflowing thousands!
And for 400 pesos I get a
carton ID that I have to laminate...

And your not emailing the newsletter
that I have signed up for?!
What the hell?!

So saddened why stinginess
has spread to
private orgs like PNA.


  1. hahaha!!!anonymous daw, litaw naman ang name ni lola ko

  2. baka katamaran o kaya totoo nga nagtitipid para may matira sa pangluho??

    ate russel


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