Saturday, February 6, 2010

Mad & mad

I am mad - fuming mad
and i am mad - crazy mad.

I now have lost all
my dedication and passion to work.

It seems that the primary level
institution where i volunteer, it being
a microcosm representative of the
nation and its citizens as well,
has proven itself riddled with
all the evil traits of Filipinos.



padrino system

goons, guns, and gold.


do you know what i feel?
every time i step into the building...
its as if my chest just got hit
by a monster truck and buried
under a mountain of boulders
and rubble.

the death of my enthusiasm...
i still care for the patients with a smile
i still give them my best,
i do not let workplace politics affect the
quality of my service towards my patients.

but i cant stand it anymore,
i am not happy.

just let me rant...
it will all go away soon.
my mind and my soul has begun
the process of numbing yet again.

is there no justice in this nation anymore?
bakit pa ba ako nag-aral ng maigi
kung di din pala ako makakakuha ng trabaho.
sana nag-invest na lang ako
sa pagpapa-lipo at make-up lessons
at baka may napala pa ako.

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