Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Careful With Your Tongue

Received Mama's cargo 
a few days back
delivered by two men.

The older one seems to be in charge,
he was asking too many questions for comfort.
He was annoyingly scrutinizing my
midwifery id, thank heavens my nursing one
was expired, and I rarely take out my passport.

It was like he was eying everything in the house,
and my home was in shambles, 
I was doing the laundry while trying to clean up 
my old magazine stack plus the dried laundry 
was on the dinner table.
I must admit I am not a tidy, prim and proper lady.

When he was leaving he mumbled something
about me being lucky that I get to stay at home
and wait for my mom's cargo and do nothing in return.

I retorted that what I received was not solely for me
but majority of the stuff are for my relatives,
I then shoved 100 pesos in his hand.

What an ungracious, impolite, narrow-minded fucktard!
What does he think of us children of OFWs?

That we enjoy receiving material presents in lieu of a 
warm hug and kisses from our parents?
Does he actually think that presents and money can
replace the love of a parent?

His remarks made me so uncomfortable,
it actually made me cry.

I hate narrow-minded people.
Your lot will never know what we have been through.
You just don't care mister.

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