Thursday, November 18, 2010

Back Pain Again

Here it is again,
the back pain from hell.
It started out as a dull pain,
now I can barely bend my back.

Which of course leads to lessons
in valuing body mechanics - 
I now bend my knees when picking up stuff 
from the floor, i also look like a rusty robot doing it.

I have become adept in putting on 
my underwear by inching it oh so slowly
up my thighs, trying hard not to bend.

And showering and doing my thing on the 
toilet throne and tying my shoes...
the list of my daily activities goes on.

I am taking all these for granted.
My body is wearing down and I have barely
accomplished anything.

Back to sulking?
Not really, I have to make do with the situation.
I am not entirely positive but I am coping!

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