Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Winning online

Heaven knows I have never won anything remarkable
in my 29 years of existence.
Wait...  backtrack...
I won a consolation prize from Sugarland
when I was 7 I think,  - a gift pack.
It was a color-the-figure contest, where I supposedly
had to color in a Sugarland mascot from a magazine newsprint.
We sent around 5 entries, 4 of which were done by me,
and the entry that got plucked out was the one by my mom
(because I was too lazy and bored of coloring them all).

I have yet to win anything online,
I have joined some contest on facebook,
but I would not really want to cross the line by
posting pictures of myself doing silly and sick things.

Beating the odds in Lotto is another thing,
that is just pure luck.

So obviously I have been quite stressed lately,
my meager allowance is just enough.
I am hankering for some serious pampering!
Lovely Morticia's Giveaway is spot-on!

Hope i get to win this one and gain a friend as well.

Rules are here.
Post away!

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