Saturday, April 9, 2011

Cancelled Examination

March 13

The agency called to inform us that the exam 
schedule at Sheraton is cancelled
and that we should wait for their call as to 
when it is to be rescheduled.

Initially, in our orientation we were given
a 3 day itinerary of our interviewers.
There would be 2 nurses, A Filipino and a foreigner,
and then 2 locals (I am assuming Arabs).

They would be arriving on Sunday
and supposedly Monday would be the start of the test.
There would be hundreds of us , we were told and
that some would be coming from other agencies.

We were ordered to be there earlier than 6am
and that the exam would ensue immediately.
First come , first serve is the policy.
Although we would be probably grouped according to department.

We would then know the result of the exams,
the same day or the next day, depending on our
future employers, because they would be checking the papers.

Tuesday was reserved as a rest day for them.
Wednesday was the commencement of the dreaded interview,
if, a big giant IF, we passed.

That time when they called and said
they had to reschedule the examination.
I felt reprieved because my heart was literally pounding
from stress and nervousness.
This was like studying for the board exam.

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