Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Passing my papers

March 11
Went to Arjoy's Entertainment Agency to pass my papers.
On my way to the building, I saw Richard Gutierrez
filming Captain Barbel on the street.
He looked and smelled shower fresh, no drop of perspiration
with the singeing Philippine noon sun.
Everybody was following him on the street, he smiled at them.
At the very least he was not disrespectful to the throng of fans.

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Disembarked at Pedro Gil Street and searched for Gedisco Building.
I asked a bank security guard and he pointed me the way.
It was an old dusty construction - Gedisco Building.
If people were not coming to and fro the entrance,
I would have thought it was dilapidated and abandoned.

Encircled area is Gedisco Building
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Took the stairs, although there was an elevator.
I really wanted to see where I was going just to be safe.
Every floor was occupied by agencies.
Even saw some whose names frequented the classified ads.

Arrived at Agency's unit, fronted by a big green sliding door
with their own personal manong doorman.
I went in and they immediately  acknowledged my presence.
I am tall and enormous and half-white so I stand out.
Bleh...can't help it.

Lots of applicants were there, already filling up forms
and submitting their requirements.
Guess they did this gig by batch.
I logged in and was given a form to fill in.
It was much like a bio-data, but with a small piece of
blank paper stapled to it wherein we had to write our
work experience.
I was wondering why they had to separate it, anyhow, 
I did what was ordered.

They also gave me a list of requirements I was supposed
to pass along with their form:

  • Resume
  • Diploma
  • COE (Certificate/s of Employment)
  • TOR (Transcript of Records)
  • PRC/IV License (Professional Regulation Commission/ Intravenous Therapy)
  • Board Rating
  • Board Certificate
  • Seminar/s
  • Original Passport
  • NBI Original
Now I made the mistake of giving 
my original passport,
which made me realize later on that I 
could have shopped around for
better agencies and offers.
But it cannot be undone so its there 
hopefully in their safekeeping.
All documents to be passed are photocopies 
except of coursefor my passport and resume.
I did not have an NBI clearance, 
so that was the only thing lacking.
Pwede naman daw to follow yun.

After organizing my scrap heap of 
documents they asked which department/field
I am specializing in.
I said OB/DR.
they then asked me to wait a little while, 
because I had to answer yet
another form (employer's form).
It was a checklist of skills!

Half the things there I did not really know.
So bahala na, talagang nalurkey ako.
E napaka basic nga ng pinagtrabahuan ko dati.
As in mano-mano talaga, ni Doppler wala kami.

After that tinipon kami sa isa pang kwarto,
kung saan inorient kami.
The employers are from Al Kharj Military Hospital
in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.
Nakapag-paalis na rin sila last year, same company,
hundreds daw at expect na namin na madami din kami.

Tawagan daw kami for confirmation of 
the date of the exam.
Tentative daw e March 14 Monday sa 
Sheraton malapit sa Harrison Plaza 
which is fine by me dahil Vito Cruz lang yun.
Kaso they asked us to be there mga 6 am 
pa lang at business attire.
So corporate na naman ang dating ko at magdadala
ako uli ng blazer at shoes at giant bag.

After nun uwian na kaya byahe ako
pabalik ng Quirino para makasakay ng Cavite bus.

Napa-isip ako dahil medyo rusty na ako sa field
kaya I planned to do  a madibdibang 
review ala board exam over the weekend.

Good luck naman talaga sa akin at aking old brain.

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