Sunday, April 3, 2011


Work Abroad - Overseas Jobs for the Filipinos
March 2011
Already had my resume posted at the workabroad site.
I was updating my profile and trying my luck
I initially began scanning nursing ads bound for KSA.
I clicked every single one that had 
OB/DR/GYNE/Labor tags in it.
I also uploaded my resume and 
left everything to fate.

I also had a daily subscription to jobstreet
And that is where Arjoy's found my resume methinks.
All my experience were volunteering work.
Although I was not compensated with a salary.
Sometimes they gave me pang-merienda.

I resigned ahem, AWOLed myself
(I was not an employee, I was a volunteer)
after 2 years of waiting for:
1. waiting for the lying-in to 
become a secondary hospital
2. being bypassed by volunteers who have 
'connections' to the mayor
3. laboring for years and still no news 
about them hiring me even if they told me 
I was the best candidate.
4. better opportunities
5. personal problems/issues

In the end I got tired of the government.
Truly not everything is equal.
It was unfair for people like me who 
worked hard and expected
that our exemplary performance 
would put in a 'good word'
for a possible placement in the 
government bureaucracy.

Connections, nepotism and corruption rules.
Top to bottom, nobody is spared.
I want a better future.

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