Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Onwards to the Interview

The agency called me late in the afternoon
and told me I passed, I admit, I wept a little
because it was really that hard especially
when the subject matter is so broad.

They then told me that the interview
was scheduled for Thursday, March 17,
around 6am - 7am in the morning.

Apparently some interviewees were already being
interviewed on Wednesday.
So come Thursday I was early again with my ill-fitting shoes,
tried to review to no avail, just lounged around the lobby.

The interviewers were staying at Sheraton,
we saw them eating at the breakfast buffet.
When the agency staff arrived, we were told to stay outside
and wait for their signal - call to go upstairs by three's

That was no fun, it felt like being
in death row you just don't know when you're number will be called.
Too bad , I was again in the first three.
I was 2nd in line.

Actual interview...
I was nervous...
I was interviewed by the 2 lady nurses.
I expected a panel interview of 4 interviewers.

They asked me why i was too tall,
and I explained my heritage.
They asked me about my knowledge of
certain cases I handled.
They commended me on being an instructor.
They also asked me to elaborate on my being
a nurse and midwife.
They asked me if I had questions, I did,
and they answered all my queries as well.

It felt like 10 hours but realistically
it was more like 10 minutes.

I just felt relieved that they smiled
and seemed contented.
I went out quite happy but not extremely blissful
as I knew that there were surely better applicants
with more experience versus my volunteer experience.

Went home afterwards to contemplate
again on what I will say to my mom in case
I did not pass their interview standards.

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