Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Long Wait

The agency told us to wait for their call within a week at the most.
If we did not receive any form of communication, then
that would be the end of it for our Al Kharj dreams.
Sad, sad, sad.

My Mama was so makulit,
after several days she even related her story,
way back when she was applying for UK.
The agency apparently was waiting for her
to call back so that she could already sign
her employment contract.

I just told her that this situation is just like the
board exam - good things happen to those who wait.
After 6 days lo and behold, the agency called
and told us to already start our authentication.

Funny thing is they called me several times
to tell me the same thing that I passed and to
commence the lengthy authentication of

I consider myself lucky,
I only have volunteering experience and
yet they deemed me passable.

I am number 115.

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