Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Authenticating everything

The very next day after I received
the agency call that I passed I
went to my alma mater which was like
5 minutes away from home.
(more like a 2 minute walk).

I knew they would be the hurdle to
achieving my dreams because
they were notorious with regards
to documents.

They were extremely slow
and often times we lost our patience
with the staff and with the student
assistants who prefer to loiter around
gossiping rather than doing their work.

When I was still studying, we actually
saw one of the staff, supposedly
the IT personnel, editing personal
pictures rather than doing our TORs.

This is the only school i think wherein
everything is still written in giant
old logbooks. giant ones really!
They were quite old as well and musty.
Some of them was as old as our school hahaha.

Instead of making a database for the
records they relied on these old journals.
What if water raised hell and bled
the ink into transparency?
Our records would go poof!

When i talked to the student assistant
to rush my TOR for authentication,
she actually told me it wasnt possible.
Even though i pointed to her the notice
posted on their window that rush jobs
would be cost twice as much.

I lost my temper there and then and
gave the poor thing a piece of my mind.
Did she not know that since kindergarten I
studied in that archaic technophobic school?

That notice was there when I was still
studying for my BSN and then she tells me
its not applicable?!
Idiots really.
Why was that notice put there in the first place?
She told me to come back in a week.

I totally lost it after that.
1 week to type a damn TOR?
Computerizing everything would mean
that it could be printed that minute
and i would just have to wait for the
appropriate signatures but no my stupid
school wanted everything in paper.

I went back on the given date and finally
the lead staff (who knew me) talked to me
and told me that they would need more time
(more time to search my paper records perhaps).

I asked her if they would be forwarding it to CHED
they said that they would only be giving me a certified
true copy (I was fuming mad by then, late in typing
and they still would not forward it to CHED)
but she could make a request for the penguin ahem
registrar-nun to bring it with her to CHED.
I signed the letter of request and they then again gabe me a date.

I went back on the dot on the said date
and they told me that the penguin was ill and could
not travel. i actually pleaded with them to
do something and not make me wait longer than
Holy Week.

In short I went back again the day before Holy
Thursday and got my slip for a May 6 slot in DFA.
I thanked the staff once.
But really the experience was infuriating.
At least that part is done now.

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