Thursday, July 21, 2011

My Makeup Brush Set

It dawned on me that I have too much
makeup in storage and that they are dying from non-usage.
They should be used and not be left out in my kit
to expire and die a lonely death in the trash can.

I have been inspired from all the beauty blogs that
I have been reading and from all those online
retailers that sell fake cosmetics.
(Have nothing against them though, 
you get your moneys worth when you
buy cheap non FDA-approved products.)

So I decided to brush up on my makeup skills again,
since I am beginning to look losyang already.
I started by cleaning by makeup brush set,
a gift from my mom.

I dunno what the hell that fan like brush is for,
plus the small ones are Nichido,the ones with
the lettering on them.
This is the folding faux leather case.
I cleaned it as well as it was flaking black bits
of faux leather on the brushes.
The best part is the cover !
It protects all my brushes because 
I made the stupid mistake of
throwing all the plastic covers of the brushes.
Weh! Ang tanga ko.
My brushes !
I can still add to my collection methinks,
there are still free compartments, I could just squeeze them in.
I asked some help from my fave makeup guru AskMeWhats,
for the cheapest gel eye liner so that I can practice
at di manghinayang sa libo-libong halaga hehehe.
It is from E.L.F. and costs around P250 if
I am not mistaken, even includes a free brush!
Yey for Ms. AMW!
Please follow her blog!

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