Friday, July 22, 2011

So Gelleesh Blog Giveaway !

First heard of the So Gelleesh Blog
when she posted on a facebook page
asking for blogs and shops that need reviewing and advertising
as she would be putting it on her blog.

I suggested several links and also decided
to take a peak on her blog as well.
Lo and behold ! I found her writing very amusing
plus the fact that she was brazen enough to post
pictures of herself in her tutorials and reviews,
got me hooked on her blog.
It is a real person behind the blog not just 
some weird marketing scheme that centers
on just one product.

Because of local makeup bloggers like her, 
I have rediscovered my passion for makeup.

Gelleesh is now celebrating the overwhelming
success of her blog, she is now giving away a 
prize to share to one lucky reader.

Look at the gorgeous prizes
and do not forget to click on the picture 
to see the directions in joining So Gelleesh's Giveaway!

And remember to follow her 
and to subscribe to her blog - So Gelleesh 

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