Thursday, August 11, 2011

JRS Courier How-to

A customer ordered some pre-loved books from my
comic cat shop the other day.
After receiving the payment,
I went immediately to JRS to ship the items.

As it was my first time to use their services,
I collected leaflets from their counter.

Isa akong dakilang leaflet hoarder, I know.

This is the receipt.
The numbers printed in red plus the ones in blue
is the tracking number.

The process of shipping is simple. . .

Bring the items to the counter, they would probably weigh it
to determine the charges.
If you want to know how much they charge per weight,
see their rates here

They will give you the corresponding plastic packet
and you will have to write down your name & address
plus the name & address of the person you are shipping to.
They provide the permanent markers, so no worries.

Sign the receipt and pay for the charges.
Keep the receipt.

And you are done,
you can track the shipment through
their facebook site here,
(click on the extended info link).

Their rates are relatively cheaper and
they offer other services as well.
I think people shop online just
so they could have it delivered.

Is it not fun to receive something at your door?
People love being gifted even if its faux
because they actually gifted themselves hehehe.

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