Thursday, September 22, 2011


Heard the fire truck sirens from afar.
There were so many zooming past.
A fire was raging in a shanty community
near the military base.

This community was held up by cartons,
old rusty roofs, salvaged, wood,
the old mosquito-infested tire, 
cardboard even plastic.

It is one of the many slum communities 
bordering our waters.
So many people live there, that
the community extends to
the bay itself.

You could see the glitter of corroded metallic roofing
around the whole of Cavite City in google earth.
Unfortunately, this is where crime, drugs, prostitutes and violence proliferate.

This particular community is notorious for drugs,
no police force would dare enter its maze of
ruler-width side streets.
People get killed here.

One of my friend's family reside there,
I just learned that their rented home burned down,
they were not able to save anything.

I packed some clothes in a reusable bag,
even if my clothes are giant-sized, they would
be able to have a fresh change of clothing.

Heard on the radio that the alarm is level 5 already,
I think it means that all available firetrucks 
from nearby cities should respond.
It is that bad.

The wind is quite feisty as well, I think
it contributed to the disaster.
I hope there are no casualties.

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