Friday, September 23, 2011

Veggie Wrap

Because of my hybrid state,
I have mixed requirements for food.
Yeah, I maybe as large as a whale,
but I really try to balance my meals.

I love eating veggies more than meat
and I prefer seafood and chicken to beef 
or the occasional lamb.

I do not eat pork period, except
for morcon and chicharon.
I just do not like its texture.

I only started eating rice
when my lola died way back 2001,
I subsist on pasta.

I survived on eating snacks
and pasta and juices and loads
of fruits and veggies.

Till now I am experimenting
but my choices are limited.
The ingredients I worship most
are butter, pasta, cheese
(especially stinky Camembert)
and Aromat (the Knorr seasoning).

Anyway, we tried this at home.
Veggie wrap.
Tortillas were bought from SM
(I made irregularly shaped ones dati)
Veggies and dressing from the local palengke.

Childish art dressing.


More veggies.


The dressing is unhealthy
but I love my veggies
and this appeals to my palate.


  1. naalala ko may tortilla ako sa ref hala ang tagal na nun wahahha!

  2. wahahaha basta ba walang amag baka pwede pa yan !


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