Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Firefox 7 is Out

I was a rabid avid user of Firefox before.
Then out came Chrome with its almost
lightning speed browsing.

Then I got carried away and
installed multiple add-ons
and it slowed to a crawl.

Heck, I cannot even play Farmville
without it crashing on me,
but I know Adobe Flash is to blame for that.

I also know my pc is miserably ageing on me.
Its a pre-loved pc so I can't complain much.

Hopefully Firefox 7 will perform a bit
faster and not be memory hog anymore.

They even included a nice quiz in their site here
I hope my desk is as nice as this,
but I abhor housekeeping.

The quiz supposedly tells you your personality
by collating all the data into these symbols.


  1. Ang dapat palitan ang PC ko, sobrang luma at bagal na talaga hahahaha.


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