Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Hello!  Echo... echo...
i am still alive,
my back has been acting up again,
so moving is painful for me.

Gosh, 30 really ages a lady quickly,
I feel like an old woman already.
i cant bend my back and i tend to sleep laterally.

Yey for my cat and hubby!
kitty makes good company while
hubby is mindful to make things accessible for me.

the house is still cluttered with 2 hampers worth of laundry
plus a lot of stuff in recyclable bags
that i am supposed to hand down to my cousins.
i have way too many clothes.
i am whittling down my wardrobe to the basics.

i have been sleeping way up till the 
earliest neighborhood rooster crows.
i have been playing the ace attorney: phoenix
wright and apollo justice nintendo ds games.

i accidentally dropped my nds when i nodded
off one time and now my saved game slot is corrupted
so now i have to start all over again.

its 1:15 am, i can hear the faintest knocking 
somewhere in our compound.
my neighbors are really unconcerned with security,
they always forget to lock the gate.

i just flicked the lights outside on,
to signal that somebody is awake
and actually mindful of her surroundings.
the cat is useless, wish i could adopt a dog.


  1. hi, i see that you have a life. :)

  2. i try to, hahahaha, even if its miserable hehehe


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