Thursday, November 10, 2011

The Press is Killing Me.

The Press is killing me with - 

Every single day when
I turn on the tv
or the radio.

The news presenters
and announcers
blare their lungs out screaming
that this so and so
john/jane doe
died of:
gunshot wounds,
stab wounds,
vigilante justice,
(having the misfortune of standing in lightning's way),
strangulation, massacre, 
hit and run;
a hit then a short run
then was backed up again
to be run over the
second time around.

I feel for the victims
and their families,
but it does not help
when the news is sensationalized
and overly presented
in a stage theater type exaggerated manner.

Hello pseudo-journalists
(ahem biased)
you are not helping!

Especially when you guys
report the facts publicly
instead of keeping some
things private
in respect for the
authorities' investigations
and the privacy of the victims.

Shame on you guys!
You even have the nerve
to criticize them when you guys
are always crossing the line
and not letting them doing their job.

Do not cross the police line please
or act like you are the police!

I know, some of them are
really incompetent investigators
who cannot put two and two together
and would rather let a fall guy take
the blame just to end a case
but come on where are your sensibilities?

Mind your own business
and please do it ethically.

The press is not helping especially
when they broadcast that a
 so and so raid is going to
occur here
(insert imaginary google map).

I also hope that they at least
try to maintain a dead person's dignity
by not showing their bodies.

Man! At least give them some respect,
you do not want to be ogled at
when your soul is floating
a foot away from your
scattered bodily parts on the road.

Just look at this telenovela
I read on the newspaper the other day:

I sympathize with the family,
this is really devastating.

But really when you talk to the press
all the nitty-gritty details
of your life are exposed.

I find it sad though that this Magsaysay (?name)
lady who knew all along that
she was an adulteress
by being a kept woman
of Ramon Revilla Senior
managed to have 9 kids with him ?!
WTF moment for me ?!

Delicadesa is lost and long gone in this country.
One mistake is enough, methinks.

But being Kabitenyo myself
this telenovela is far from over, 
expect more killings 
and more stress.

One solution I must implement
is to stop consuming all
these garbage reports
that the sensationalist press people are putting out
and oh, learn to cross-reference.

Not all things published are true.
(Including blogs hah!)

As my life philosophy goes:
there is no one truth,
truth is just a version of
one's perspective on fact.


  1. Sinabi mo pa sis! THe news are depressing these days, puro patayin here and there, tapos nakaka gulat ang mga photos pa na pinapakita nila. I feel bad tuloy sa family nung mga naiwan, nwalan na nga sila ng mahal sa buhay pati privacy nawala na rin. Kaya tuloy napatay ang mga hostages sa bus sa Luneta last year dahil din sa pag interfere ng media. :s

  2. Tama! grabe isang malaking circus ang lahat sa Pinas, mapa-pulitika mapa-press mapa-showbiz peryang-perya ang dating.


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