Wednesday, November 9, 2011


Received a delayed text and a call
today from the agency.

We already have our visas,
and we are to report for yet
another medical exam.

Gastos and more gastos
as we are to pay for the
processing fees and the
exorbitant fees probably
carefully mislabeled by our agency.

I was in shock.

I am now 30,
starting another chapter of my life.

I cried.

I fear for my future.

 I will be far away from
my comfort zone,
miles away from anybody
I really trust.

This is the time to 
be brave
and just to generally tough it up.

I am a fluffy marshmallow
underneath my imposing exterior.

Be brave! 


  1. using the law of averages, you'll make it. make the country proud.


A pen is mightier than a sword especially when sharpened

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