Monday, December 5, 2011


I have been on Neopets since 2001,
back when i still did not even have my own
personal computer and I would just rent
at the nearby internet cafe.

I would disappear from the site
every now and then
and my account would be inactive;
my virtual pets would not die but languish
in a perpetual 'dying' state
till I log in and feed them again.

I actually like the idea,
that my account becomes technically
hibernating till I get interested again.

There are lots to do in site.
Its a little earth and you can do anything you like.
I usually play some games and earn some 
neopoints and then buy stuff to restock my shop.

The profits of which are funneled to my
collection of doughnuts in my gallery
or buying books and clothes for my pet.
I save a bit in the bank as well
because I do some quests too.

There are forum boards wherein 
you could post your queries and opinions.
I lurk in the Help Board a lot
because you learn by mere reading.

Any how this is my profile there,
and i am proud of my 10 year old account.
I am not into HTML customization so
its quite plain and basic.

Here is are my pets:

My jubjub is not feeling well;
he is my first pet and my favorite.
I painted him rainbow ages ago.

This grundo is my labrat,
I have been zapping him incessantly
to change his color and species
and to increase his battle stats.

This kiko I just painted clay yesterday
as a reward from a quest, neopians
would earn an avatar just by
clicking on his profile.

Yes, I am 30 and have been playing at the kiddie site
for years but I like it and I enjoy wasting time there.
Although much of the site has turned commercial, 
I still come back for games, plots and my pets.

A year ago my account was hacked and stolen,
because it was really an old account.
My safety deposit box was cleared as well as my money.
I mailed customer service and they helped me
get my account back.


  1. I had one too. Unfortunately someone hacked it and my email.

  2. aaaw sayang! madaming ng masasamang loob na naglipana talaga kahit saan, pati ba naman neopets!


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