Sunday, December 4, 2011


My timeline so far...

March something - applied online through jobstreet.

March 10 - the agency called me round dinnertime to
report the next day regarding my application.

March 11 - Went to the agency to pass my papers.

March14 - The qualifying exam was postponed and rescheduled.

March 15 - Exam was held at Sheraton Hotel.

March 17 - Interviewed at the Sheraton.

March 23 - Was told that I passed the interview.

March 24 - Went to my school and PRC to kick start the
authentication of my papers.

March 29 - Orientation held at agency.

March 31 - Got my COE at Manila City Hall.

April 1 - Received PRC authenticated papers.

April 5 - Went to the agency to update.

April 8 - Agency called to hasten my docu processing.

April 20 - Processed my NBI clearance at Monumento.

April 26 - Got my COE at DFA.

May 6 - Got my TOR at DFA and passed my papers at the agency.

May 25 - Agency called and informed me about our
physical/medical exam schedule.

May 31 - Had my GAMCA physical exam done 
at Bartolome's Clinic.

July 21 - Went to the agency for updates.

November 9 - Visa approved.

November 21 - Had my medical again.

November 22 - Passed my medical.

December 1 - Paid P60k for the fees.

December 6 - Schedule for PDOS

December 16 - Orientation and final pregnancy test

*December 18 - Tentative flight date.

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