Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Something Fishy

After our PDOS my batchmates 
and I ate lunch at KFC and
went to Quiapo to shop for 
abayas and tarhas.

After purchasing we parted ways
and I went back to Quirino Ave
for my bus ride home.

It was so uncomfortable
because the local bus companies
tend to pack us passengers like sardines,
dangerously overloading the bus.

Imagine if the bus had to brake suddenly
everybody standing would fly
straight out of the windshield.

So going back,
I had a major headache
because the weather was really 
awry -  very sunny one minute
and then rain afterwards.

I rarely get headaches
but it is unbearable
when I do I have them :(

I stopped by at Mcdo
to buy some junk food dinner
and saw a uhm

I do not know where to qualify him.

He is nice and all,
very chatty and brutally frank.


He would always start the conversation
with a polite how-are-you first
and then
ask about my love life the next.

Parang ganito...
"Kayo pa rin ba ng boyfriend mo?"

"Uhm oo."

"Ang tagal niyo na no?"
"Balita ko wala na kayo ng jowa mo?"
(or something along those lines)

I know he is gay and all,
pero sana wag naman obvious.
Kasi hindi ako comfortable sa
ganong pagtatanong.

I mean alam ko may mga masasamang balitang
sumisingaw pero sana hindi
sa relasyon ko magfocus.

Sobrang uncomfortable ang ganitong
scenario sa akin.

Pakiramdam ko kasi may hidden something 
siya para kay hubby.

Hay, ano ba ang dapat kong 
isagot o gawin?

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