Wednesday, February 13, 2013


This was my gift to myself last year.
A Kindle.
Bought with the wages I earned.

So much misery and so much tears.

May I have the patience to continue.

I am irked with my coworkers more than our patients.

Somebody told me that it will almost certainly be your kabayan who will be the constant source of  one's headache.

Tried not to think about it but the more I am realizing that it is true.

Crab mentality affects not only Filipinos but its particularly more evident with Pinoys.

I am guilty.

I am stubborn.

But now I am learning to keep my volcano of a temper really really dormant and I try to avoid making comments on stuff I am not involved in.

Ode to self:
Keep mouth shut always.

The better person is the one who walks away calm and collected.

Some secrets need to be buried deep, marianas trench deep, never to be mentioned to any soul alive - human or crustacean.

There is always a time for everything, including landian and chikahan.

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