Saturday, December 29, 2007


December 27, 2005


Goodmorning Sunshine!

Woke up early today

and felt like telling one of my

childhood memories

back when everything

was pure

was idyllic

was fun

was so simple

it was perfect

but of course im a

pseudo-grown up now

im supposed too know much better

than to bank on my childhood memories


we lived in a medium-sized house

within a big compund

i used to have a white puppy

he died in a flood


every day

morning would greet me

by bathing my face with sunshine

the fresh cool air would make me sit in my bed

my lolo would be making his coffee by then

and the house was full of its aroma

and busybodies moving about

us kids were relegated to playing,

dreaming and other peaceful, whimsical activities

my lola would already be cleaning the lawn

swishing her walis ting-ting in rhythm

and i found it all amusing


i remember hearing the birds singing to me

and i would dance

i tried catching sunlight in my palms

blowing a storm out of my whispers

pretending im a fairy

i tried creating things from the sheer air

handling it as if it was real and tangible


it was all so magnificent then

i had no cares

now im too full of it

over the brim




how i wish i could go back

and loop it for eternity...

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