Friday, January 4, 2008

God the janitor

November 28, 2006

GOD the Janitor

Revelations... revelations
Duty ako kanina
11-7 sa CMC
dapat St. Martin kaso
nagkasakit c.i. namin
so lo and behold
napatapon kami sa OR/ER
ng CMC.
okey lang naman e
was assigned at ER
with Bryan na
mapasa hanggang ngayon
ay ayaw pa din kumuha
ng vital signs
Nagkatakutan ang mga
staff dahil may humagis
na bakal "daw".
Malamang iniangat ng
multo para mabigyan din
siya ng pagkain.
Well, as Tatay always
says "Silang nakakakita sa
akin silang tumabi."
Mga 3past lumabas kami ni
Bryan dahil freezer cold
na ang ER
Naglilinis ang manong janitor sa
labas and woudnt you
know na si manong pala ay
isang commerce grad ng
pamantasan ng makati
and that he is more eloquent
than some of the nurses there?
Sa antok namin wala kaming
nagawa kundi pakinggan ang
monologue niya about
religion, about the mismanagement
of Philippine resources, on the
rumors that a major earthquake
had diverted the arabic peninsulas oil
to Phillipine land, his vision about
the "Dome on the cross" (some kind
of a church, which he mentioned
was for 'burol', that he said several
times), he preached about "service",
why some staff are 'masungit', his life story,
how he got 85% on the NCEE, and 85.84%
on the CSAT which placed him on the topmost section
of his class; he always interjected religion,
which i truly hated sensing that this man was some
how a fanatic of some cult out there.
He quoted a statement from the bible,
something about giving water to a beggar
who turned out to be god and how the
man who quenched his thirst was
rewarded in heaven.
He said he could not leave, it seemed that
he found his calling in serving others,he even said
that he felt proud delivering the food trays
of the [asshole] doctors, because he felt
that he was serving servants
(doctors serve their clients),and this somehow
in his great mind, exalted him to a higher status.
You could not fault him.
He spoke with wisdom albeit with fanaticism
visibly imprinted in his eyes,
he spoke long held beliefs as if they were
absolute truth and in his years, i know
that experience is the greatest teacher.
He was probably smarter than some of the doctors
present but he was filling in a need.
And i just probably talked to
god the janitor.

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