Sunday, January 27, 2008


What the hell am i doing?
Hmm, i dunno.

I just realized that some random blogs
ive encountered or have stumbled upon
are full of inconsequential, haughty pretentiousness.

I do not care if people disagree with my opinions,
they are entitled to their own minute space
on earth and are not obliged to commit themselves
to listen to my pointless babble,
(which i am currently doing)

All i am getting at is this,
voicing your opinion in the net
doesnt grant you authority or crediblity nor expertise.
It only shows freedom, nothing more.

To be paid for one's expert opinion on the net
is a farce.


  1. Gosh epistaxis!
    i am pinching my nose!

  2. di naman no! napansin ko lang na maraming nagbablog para sa pera at nababasa ko ang walang katuturan nilang blog. yung iba nagbablog para mapansin at lumutang ang "expert" opinion nila which is crap, kaya nga mas gusto ko yung mga weng weng blogs .

  3. may pera din kasi talaga sa blog kaya hindi maiwasang may mga masilaw para rito.. nagiging tahanan lang tuloy yung blog nila ng mga advertisements..

  4. agree! advert blogs lang sila, walang sustansiya.

  5. minsan lang yan pag may sapak ako at napupuno! sori! wee!


A pen is mightier than a sword especially when sharpened

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