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On TV Shows

November 05, 2006

On TV Shows

I rarely watch the telly nowadays
I mean the tv for those
not acquainted with the british
way of renaming objects.

I do not want to compare
but the part of me that is
critical (99% of me)
and malevolent (586% of me)
points to the atrocity
that has beset Filipino tv.

I have ridiculed telenovelas
in a past entry and my enmity
towards stupidity doesnt end there.

The only show so far that ive
truly enjoyed are those japanese
tourism videos (even if theyre reruns).
Although its quite shameless
that theyve bought valuable
airtime to showcase their
"superior" culture, but what
the heck, who doesnt want
to be japanese anyways?
I'll gladly move to japan anytime.
At least i get to know more
about culture albeit japanese
culture when i watch it.

i dont even watch mtv
i could care less about
topless black women
gyrating to some eardum splitting beat
courtesy of their "gangsta" hood.
Its not fun
and some videos are bordering
on porn and tastelessness
Hey i watch porn but at least
pornstars have the audacity
to pretend that what theyre
doing is art.
Lets not even get started
on the other artists
Damn it, not all artists
can sing, they just play
the song over and over
so that the viewers get immune to
the tune and are hypnotized
to like it.
One proof - Paris Hilton.
Sure she can sing a tune
but her voice isnt really
remarkable anybody could do it
if they had her money.
It has become centered on the artist
the essence of music has been lost.

My hatred is doubled towards
stations broadcasting religious
What is wrong with you people?
They fight among themselves
involve their followers/minions,
they all say that their god is the one
god to rule us all
(reminds me...lotr).
They instigate ridiculous projects,
such as that of the ill-fated group
who trooped down to mindanao
to "rescue" the kidnapped school
kids from the abu sayyaf.
God, was definitely not on their
side that time.
They should have made a reality
show about it, that would have
boosted the ratings
Well, religion like telenovelas
are the opium of the masses.

I only watch the news on the tv
sometimes I just use the tv
for my DVD all day/night movie marathons
Theres so much evil nowadays
youre practically swimming in it
saturated to the bone.

The jokes on the noontime
shows are so dated and gender
biased, its a wonder why women
put up with chauvinistic hosts
Noontime shows are okay
in a way, just to pass time,
its not a cult that we should
all belong to. In my house,
I rarely put it on, because my
brain cells die of IQ starvation
when watching it.
Instead of death thru the guillotine
theres death thru humiliation by
way of game shows followed by the
nasal demonic laugh of Kris or
some other ADHD afflicted/psychotic host.

Not that im patronizing
foreign tv but really
this has come to a point
where ide gladly sleep
instead of watch tv
Filipino television is in a
shambles and they pay
millions for their people to think
of "original" concepts

Ill tell you whats original
a public deathcall for their writers
I dunno where they live but its
probably somewhere in the andromeda
galaxy where they have no sense of

In the UK, i enjoyed watching
their productions of their own history
on some shows they focused on the
lives of their heroes - period films.
So, although they too are bombarded
with nonsensical stuff, the government
has the sense to regulate matters
and make tv well-rounded
make the viewers educated.
We all know, we cant trust
the government here.

Out here, I dunno
its a hell hole.
have filipinos succumbed
to the wiles of the chosen few?

Were all escapists anyway
we try to escape the hardship
of reality thru the abstractness
of television.
Afterwhich, we go back to the
same misery... no change.

Of all the shows that I miss
(I adored Mcgayver but its foreign)
I like Negosyete the most
Has the best format
And it helped lots.

I like to see more of those
but i guess i never will.

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