Tuesday, January 1, 2008

The rotten fruit

April 19, 2006

The Rotten Fruit

Just came from home CMC today
i was the pseudo circulating nurse/
birthing coach/ onlooker at this
particular case

I ws reprimanded by fruity(for being
too noisy on coaching the patient
and spoiling her)
The doctor on the other hand asked
me nicely to shut up.
Im such a pep-cheerleader
i get so involved in the moment
i know, i just want to put
people at ease so that they could do more

Fruity on the other hand
is one of those nurses who
epitomizes everything that
is wrong in the medical system
She sucks up to the doctor
Blurts out the wrong things
Even does the procedure wrong
and even castigates the patient verbally
I even saw her pinching the clients
what an ASSHOLE!
i hope the exact same thing
happens to her
I wish someone pinches her
jugular out of her throat
and strangles her with the
exact same vein

She should be aiding the students
helping them
facilitating the OR experience
what we got in return
is a wanna be a-hole
who thinks shes the best in the OR

Be warned...

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