Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Sunday

Easter Sunday could have been
any other day, so sun-shiny,
with less and less fan fare.

I guess Easter here is
celebrated a tad differently
from where I spent my
first few Easters at.

We got loads of chocolate bunnies
and eggs.
Mama and I used to dye dinosaur
rather chicken aborted fetuses/eggs
and decorate them.
I was supposed to be locked somewhere
and they would hide the eggs
and give us baskets with hay/straw
for us to place them in once we found them.

I remember going to some far-flung forest
with my Papa and have an easter picnic
there as well and me searching for tadaah
eggs again (but all the other kids beat me to it,
all igot was shells I think)

Anyway Easter is celebrated seriously
and religiously here so its all salubong
(never been in one) and going to mass
(very rare for me).

Anyhow whats new, the callcenter thingy
i was supposed to work in, well i did go to it.
i was interviewed, accepted, trained in about
1 hour and then had a go at the calls which
was outbound-sales, which i truly truly hated.

It was a small time call center located deep within
a computer shop and we had to sell stuff which
I think most people are not happy to hear about at all.
it was commission based too, hell, i thought if i could
sell one thing that night i'de give it a go
but then i asked my referrer elaine and she said
she herself had been unable to sell anything
but to their credit they had near misses and by the time
i absented myself (like the 2nd day)
she informed that they eventually had sales.

I was happy for them i sincerely was
(Their commission after all was like 10k per/week or so)
but i would be kidding if i said i was enthusiastic
and optimistic in working in such a set-up.
i needed the money but not at that kind
of venture.
Call me picky.
Call me bitchy.
Bit methinks i was a born consumer
and i just cant sell anything even if it means
selling my soul to save my life.
I would totally fail at that.

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